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Spinlux is one of the most advanced and innovative companies that specializes in white, as well as infrared LED and laser lighting products. Our products range from ultra high power LED lighting ,High mast lighting for high mast and mobile light tower application, over UPoE infrared illuminators for surveillance systems to lighting used in hazardous areas. Throughout our over a decade long existence we have developed unique expertise in areas such as thermal management, optical design, or  kilo-watt power supply.

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High Mast Lighting Q&A

Q: What can high mast lighting be applied to?

A: High mast lighting is usually used to light a high way, recreation field, or courts. Basically, it is best applied in a large, empty place for its rather penetrating light.

Q: Is there anything we need to be aware of when using high mast lighting?

A: We need to pay more attention to high mast lighting in stormy days. The potential of falling down has posed threat to everything surrounding it. Beside the dangerous tallness, high mast lighting has been reported that it produces “light pollution” if it is not properly placed. Make sure its setting spot is not near to anywhere light-sensitive.

Q: What is the difference between high mast lighting and conventional lighting?

A: First, the height. Conventional lighting usually won’t be taller than 50 feet, while high mast lighting uses mounting heights of 100 feet or more. Second, their costs differentiate a lot. The installation cost of high mast lighting is cheaper than establishing a conventional lighting system for its reduced complexity of conduit and conductor.

Q: What advantages does high mast lighting possess?

A: The most obvious advantage is the maintenance costs. Conventional lighting systems require a bucket truck and lengthy traffic control when they are under maintenance, always resulting in a large scale of traffic jam. Light-mast lighting, however, only needs two workers and a pickup truck to be fixed. The risk of having personnel near the high-speed traffic is also avoided.LED