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Spinlux is one of the most advanced and innovative companies that specializes in white, as well as infrared LED, High mast lighting and laser lighting products. Our products range from ultra high power LED lighting, High mast lighting for high mast and mobile light tower application, over UPoE infrared illuminators for surveillance systems to lighting used in hazardous areas. Throughout our over a decade long existence we have developed unique expertise in areas such as thermal management, optical design, or  kilo-watt power supply.

LED High Mast Lighting Application

The Ultra-high Power LED luminaires are extremely lightweight designed products targeting both the replacement and new construction for high mast applications. The product focuses on providing excellent visibility with an LED light source that results cost up to 75% over widely used metal halide and high pressure sodium floodlights. The Ultra-high Power LED Series provides superior benefits for lighting roadways, interchanges and a variety of large area applications.High-mast lighting is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground, usually but not always used to light a highway or recreational field. It is used at sites requiring lighting over a large area.



  Ultra Lightweight

This novel structure keep the weight per watt, kg/watt, lowest in current market.

  Minimizing the Cross-section

Small EPA will have the high mast luminaire take the minimum wind pressure in the sky.

  Unaffected by Dust Fallout

With the penetrable structure, the dust will directly fall out through the interval of the fin modules and keep the heat sink remain dust free.


With our patented structures, the heat will dissipate effectively in any direction.

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Spinlux LED company in the design and manufacturing of white and infrared high end LED lighting products for high mast lighting, Tower light, wide area illumination, infrared surveillance and lighting in hazardous areas.

Backed by our extensive experience with mining, machinery and transportation field, our dedicated team of engineers and production specialists provide the finest quality lights available on the market.

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