Highmast LED




Superior light output

Ultra High power LED series is designed to provide illumination that is currently unmatched on the existing market. Thanks to our unique design our customers are able to project light into distance as far as 2km and effectively illuminate wide areas whilst minimizing the number of used lights.

Ultra light weight

Since overall weight of the light fitting is a huge concern, Spinlux took time and came up with an unique light design that in comparison with other existing LED lights reduces its overall weight by almost half, eg 500 W LED (excluding switching power ) weights only 11kg.

Compact size

The high power LED series design introduces technology which allows wind to penetrate the light from all three axis capable to withstand high-scale wind loads. This is how the special heat sink structure reduces the size of the light and keeps it to minimum.

Vibration resistance

In a lot of extreme applications the luminaire not only has to provide a powerful light output, but is also subjected to harsh conditions such as vibration. Our sturdy design supported with special anti-vibration bracket makes the light endure vibration up to 64G.

Benefits of use

Cost saving against HID lamps

Higher system efficiency, slower lumen depreciation, significantly longer lifetime combine to provide substantially higher overall efficiency with LEDs compared to HID sources. This helps customers save huge portion of operating, maintenance and replacement cost.

Cost saving against other LED fittings

The ability to provide same light output while reducing the number of used light units provides significant opportunities to save costs In some applications complicated head frame structures, electrical wiring joint boxes and other otherwise necessary parts can be completely removed. This makes the light simple to install and easy to maintain.

Amazing light quality

Our R & D department worked thoroughly to reduce the luminaire inefficiencies to minimum. The end result is unique effective luminaire flux of 90 lm / W. Our optics design ensures that light intensity reaches its maximum levels.

High power

Combine extremely effective luminaire design with high power and you will get a light output that stands out on the market.

Wide range of application

High mast lighting in sports stadiums, harbors, container yards, large industrial areas, etc.

Mobile light towers for open-pit mines, use in metropolitan areas to assist with illumination during road works, water works, civil construction etc.