Optical design

Existing problems with the LED lighting optical design:

To have the ability to design a high quality LED lighting product there needs to be a combination of the following factors in place. It is necessary to have (i) a profound knowledge in a geometrical optics combined with good understanding of a three-dimensional space analytic geometry, (ii) a good grasp of LED optics’ special chracteristics, and (iii) the ability to effectively utilize optical simulation software tools and self-development programs.

Many engineers experienced in LED illumination optical design that enter the field of optoelectronics, lack the technical skills in CAD to establish the concept of a 3-D space. The same is true for mechanical engineers that enter the area of LED optoelectornics. As a result of their limited skillset, the performance of the resulting LED product’s optical design will not reach its maximum potential.

Spinlux Core Technology

SpinLux optical R & D team accumulated a wealth of experience in the lighting optical design (from traditional light halogen bulbs, HID to LED, OLED, LD), multi-mode optical design (Reflector, TIR optic, (Fresnel) Lens, Light guide system, FF (free form surface), MR (multi-reflector), Hybrids (projector) type, etc.), and a broad variety of lighting products (all types of LED lamps, LED lights / tunnel lights, LED steam / machine / bicycle light, LED flashlight, numerous types of indoor / outdoor lighting, etc.). Our R & D team possesses extensive knowledge in both 3-D mechanical design, as well as LED photoelectronics. We have profound expertise in geometrical optics and three-dimensional analytic geometry. Furthermore, our engineers are experienced in LED optical design, optical simulation and complex high level surfaces. We are able to develop designs by taking into account and combining knowledge from all important areas such as Light pattern, Optical efficiency, Shape of a light distribution curve, FWHM and 10% value in addition to the cd / lm value …… etc. Therefore, we have the capability to design exceptional high performance LED lighting products, that add value to our customers. On top of that, all our designs are in compliance with optical specifications of various countries and international lighting product requirements.

Spinlux LED illumination optics design experience

High performance (high optical efficiency and cd / lm value) Projector Lamp with different beam spread
High Mast Lighting, Infra-red Illuminator, Track Vehicle Headlight
All kinds of LED indoor / outdoor lighting design
All kinds of light pattern designs
Projector Lighting with white LED, NIR LED or LD
Optical element design : Reflector, TIR optic, (Fresnel)Lens, Light guide system
E-Mark LED Automotive Headlamp & Tail Lamp
E-Mark LED Motorcycle Headlamp & Tail Lamp
K-Mark LED Bicycle Headlamp & Tail Lamp
CIE or CJJ 45-2006 LED Street Lighting or Tunnel Lighting

Examples and Comparison


Note: cd/lm = cd(max)/flux



Well-known foreign manufacturer

Well-known foreign manufacturer



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13 Degrees

13 Degrees