Power Supply Unit technology

Current problems with the switched-mode power supply for kilo-watt LED lights:

Unique LED power supplu unit

For kilo-watt LED lights, the biggest challenge is finding the compatible power supply with appropriate IP rating. Nowadays, the majority of power supplies on the market are designed below the output of 320 watt. In order to achieve the higher wattage, multiple power supply modules must be combined to meet its wattage demand. As a result, the kilo-watt light’s design by combining multiple power supplies will be extremely bulky and complex with assembly parts and joints.

Spinlux Core Technology

Our team has developed the first waterproof kilo-watt switched-mode power supplies for the lighting application. The design is highly compact, efficient and built with sturdy components that can withstand roughest conditions. With the benefit of a single power supply, we are able to create a series of lighter, simple structured and durable kilo-watt LED lights.
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LED Power supply unit

i. IP65 Rated 1kW/2kW
Switched-mode Power Supply:A rare high-power outdoor design without using the impractical fan cooling.

Spinlux LED design

ii. Dimmability:

The dimmable feature provides our clients with more dynamic control and options on the lighting system and greatly increases their business value. In the case of a power outage, Spinlux’s LED lighting system can be turned back on immediately. For HID lamps, they require a period of time to reach their full light output and can result in a significant time delay and loss for the business.

High power LED Power supply unit

iii. High in voltage, Low in Current:

The power supply is designed to output in high-voltage and low-current. It allows the light fixture mounted at a distance to the power supply. For instance, if a high-mast pole has lower weight capacity, the power supply can be installed on the ground level to reduce the total weight and added convenient for maintenance.